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Holding a Voice Conference

What you will need

  • Your Chairperson Pin
  • Your Participant Pin
  • The Phone Number to dial (login to your My Account area to view a full list of dial-in numbers)

What to tell the Participants

  • The time they should join the call
  • The Phone Number to dial
  • The Participant Pin

Making the Call

  1. At the agreed Start Time dial the Phone Number
  2. You will be asked for your PIN number and then your name. As the Chairperson, you should enter your Chairperson Pin; all other Participants should use the Participant Pin.
  3. If you are the first person to arrive on the conference call you will hear music. As others arrive on the call you will hear them being announced. The Conference call will only start when the Chairperson is present. When every one is ready you can start talking!

In-Conference Controls

During a conference the following control keys are available to the Chairperson:

Head Count

#1 allows you to review the number of people on the conference call.

Roll Call

#2 initiates a roll call. It replays all the names which were recorded when the callers arrived in the conference.

Mute All

To mute all your participants, press ##. To un-mute them all, press ## again.

Recording a Conference

The Conference recording key is #8. Press #8 whilst in the conference and recording willbegin. (You will be asked to confirm the recording by pressing 1. You will hten hear "recording started" announced into your call.) To stop the recording, simply press #8 again. (You will be asked to confirm the ending the recording by pressing 1) To retrieve the recording, log in to yourAccount and look in 'My Recordings' under the PIN you used to record the conference.

Locking a Conference

#3 will lock and unlock a conference. Locking a conference call prevents anyone else from joining the conference call.

Private Roll Call

Pressing #7 allows only the Chairperson to hear who is on the conference.

Private Head Count

Pressing #9 allows only the Chairperson to hear how many people are on your conference.

Ending a Conference

When you have finished your conference call, simply hang up. As each person hangs up you will hear their name announced. When the last person hangs up, the conference call ends.

During a conference the following control keys are available to everyone:

Mute #6 will mute and un-mute your handset whilst in a conference.