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The Small Print


  • 1 Conference = 10 people on for 120 minutes (2 hours) on one conference = 1 Credit
  • You can have 30 people maximum - but each lot of 10 participants is considered another conference (credit). So if you have 20 people you are charged for 2 conferences = 2 Credits, and if you have 30 participants you are charged for 3 conferences = 3 Credits.
  • Pay Per Minute and Toll Free Numbers can have up to 30 people on at one time, and the host pays per minute for each participant.
  • Your conference can be longer than 120 minutes - that is a second conference. (120 - 240 minutes = 2 conferences = 2 Credits, and anyone mad enough to talk for more than 240 minutes - well, they'll be charged for 3 conferences = 3 Credits).
  • Toll Free Phone numbers can be used with any service - But you will be charged additionally for this.
  • AYCE allows you to have 20 conferences = 20 Credits a month. If you go over this amount, you will be charged for the first 3 conferences on the PPC plan (112kr each), and for 4 or more you will be charged for an additional AYCE service (445kr.)
  • Toll Free Phone numbers are charged in addition to your Payment plan.
  • If you add additional PINs to your account (Multiple PIN account) - each PIN is charged separately


  • PPM - Pay Per Minute
  • PPC - Pay Per Conference
  • AYCE - All You Can Eat
  • TFPN - Toll Free Phone numbers
  • Term - Period that your payment runs from
  • kr - Are all Norwegian krone
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT


  • PPM and PPC services are billed at the end of the month. (your service term is per calendar month - you will be billed at the end of every calendar month).
  • If you sign up for AYCE - your billing date starts on the day of your second conference call. You will be invoiced on this date every month (your service term is monthly from the date of your second conference call - you will be billed again 1 month later).
  • If you use only the TFPN Services you will be billed weekly - (Monday to Sunday) So you will be billed every Monday. If you use them in addition to PPM, PPC, or AYCE, you will be billed along with those terms
  • If you upgrade to AYCE - you will be invoiced for any outstanding PPC or PPM conferences, and the AYCE option will start from the date of change.
  • Any PPM use will be charged at the end of your term.
  • If you downgrade from AYCE, it will occur at the end of your current term.


Via-Vox Ltd t/a allconferencecalls is registered for VAT in the UK. VAT will be charged as follows:

  • UK Customers - VAT will be charged at the standard rate.
  • EU Customers (other than the UK) - VAT will be charged at the standard UK rate unless you are registered for VAT (or equivalent such as TVA, BTW, MwSt) and enter your valid VAT number, in which case no charge will be made.
  • Countries outside the EU - No VAT charge will be made.
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